October 25, 2018

Dear Jeff:

When Bill and I decided to put our home up for sale in CA and find a home in AZ, one of our biggest concerns was finding someone who would really understand what we wanted and to be able to accommodate us while still living in CA. It seemed like a tough job but you definitely went above and beyond what we expected in helping us find our new home. We found that you understood what we were looking for and also provided us with everything we asked for including information on the area, community, and lifestyle of the southwest.

In addition to your constant research, which I know that we gave you quite a list, you also treated us with friendliness and respect. You spent many hours a day taking us around to look at houses even though you had
many commitments.

Your genuine concern for us and advice made us feel very comfortable and we felt we had less to be concerned with as far as our finding a home. We will not forget either when you came prepared with toys for Tristan so he wouldn’t get so bored while we combed the area looking at houses. We thank you for all your hard work and your friendship. We will definitely send our friends your way and we are very grateful to you.