October 25, 2018

Dear Jeff:

You and your team did a tremendous job in finding us our home. Tonya had the patience of a saint and was a joy to work with. We liked the concept of finding a 10 home. We believed that we would have chosen the other home that we liked and rated an 8, if you had not advised us to give it a few more days to see if we couldn’t find that perfect 10. In not for that we probably would not be living in this home that we love today. Jeff, your negotiations skills are truly commendable. You saved us several thousand dollars on this transaction at the sacrifice of some of your commission dollars. I have heard a lot of people talk about ethics, relationships, and putting their clients interest above their own but few that practice their rhetoric. It’s always a pleasure to find and be able to work with real professionals. If you ever want to come back into the corporate world, give me a call.